Building Creative Momentum

Some days it can feel like the LAST thing you want to do – sit down and create something. Just the idea of creating has become bigger than … (insert the biggest thing you can think of). On days like these it time to start small. To build momentum.

Maybe it’s been awhile since you did anything. Or all your thought energy has been sucked dry by the latest drama. Creating seems like more work rather than filling you up.

So start small.

Start uncommitted to the results.

Start with play.

I have a pile of bits of paper. I pick one up. I play with my paints – just colours. Colours that I like. Swirl, brush, stencil.. whatever is at hand. Play with creating new colours, play with old favourites, play with the outsiders. I had a wonderful surprise one day. I stencilled over a blue with a colour that I could best describe as light beige. On the blue however it turned into light gold. It was delightful. And unexpected. The best kind of play.

When the paper is dry. Tear it up. Yep. Tear it up. Or tear shapes out of it. Fold into quarters and chop away. Open up the paper – discover what you have. Rearrange the torn strips onto a contrasting background. Stitch them down, glue them down, leave them floating…


Build momentum.

Think … slowly… muse … contemplate

And then let go of the results. Yep, throw the paper in the bin if you like.

Start again..

Play, create, let go…

And little by little you’ll start to build creative momentum. Some do it by writing ‘morning pages’, out pouring all the gunk from the mind. Some do it by painting with a huge brush on a warm up board. Little rituals that can bring you into the present moment. Into the physicality of creating.

So go on…

Go Play!

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