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This three part series explores that force we ignore in life, the one that tears our life, as we know it, apart. Is it fate/luck/chance or is it God? Or is it God and fate? We believe we control so much of our lives when it fact we control little. This is never clearer when life turns and stuff happens which we neither foresaw, thought of or even knew could happen. This affects us both positively and negatively. Things fall into place, things shatter, and then life turns…

Life turns... CertaintyLife turns…Certainty represents that time in our lives when the path is firmly set out for us – primary school, high school, University (or TAFE, apprenticeship training). We are swept along the railroad of society’s expectations. The rules for success are clear, the environment contained. Much in the same way for our faith life. Baptism becomes holy communion and then confirmation. Variations occur in the order and timing of the ceremonies but rarely does one journey off the rails.

Until. Until something takes us off the rails. Graduation, illness, death, family disruption, betrayal – an editing of our life script that wasn’t by our hand.
And then, life turns…

Life turns.. DoubtLife turns…Doubt represents that time when the path has vanished. You followed society’s rules but it hasn’t worked out; no job, no money, no place on the economic scale. You followed your faith’s rules but it hasn’t worked out; questions weigh heavy, doubt has blossomed, it’s not as simple as before. In work life it’s apparently all your fault you’re not a success. At church, the friends of Job gather round to discuss your lack. You scream in anger and frustration at the blue sky that “it’s NOT FAIR!!  You PROMISED. Follow the rules and SUCCESS is a given”. But your voice is lost in the emptiness. So you sit down, under the waterless sky. The rusted remains of your life close by. “But they promised” you whisper in despair. Is this God or is it fate?  A pervasive grief descends for what was and what won’t be. The script of your life, as you knew it, disintegrates in the afternoon heat.

A gentle breeze wraps around you.
It whispers into your ear “I AM still here”
And then, life turns…

Life turns...Journey OnLife turns…Journey on sees me rise. I no longer swallow the pat answers of culture; no longer so assured of my own power. Is it fate/luck/chance or is it God? Or is it God and fate? Fate means being alone. God means I am not. I can choose either, quite freely. I choose God knowing full well that means I have to live with the questions. Questions that can be excruciating and/or empowering. But I no longer need the clear path. I can accept that the path may at times meander, cross streams and become steep. My life script unfurls in front of me. I know I get to write some of it but not all and that’s ok. I no longer define myself as I did before, failing prey to society’s or religion’s whims. I have become a sojourner in this world; no longer so desperately attached. And each time life turns, I ask the questions anew.


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